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Barefoot Massage Ashiatsu Training in North Carolina


Barefoot Massage Training
North Carolina
Julie Marcniak Barefoot Massage Instructor North Carolina

Barefoot Massage Classes

Barefoot Massage Training


Discover FasciAshi Barefoot Massage and check out the learning tracts and class schedule.

Barefoot Massage Mentoring


Deepening your barefoot massage knowledge, theories, and techniques with private or semi-private mentoring.

Massage & Bodywork classes


Discover and explore other techniques to further enhance and lengthen your massage & bodywork career.

Discover myofascial barefoot massage

Welcome to NC Ashiatsu

Embark on an exclusive journey to elevate your massage therapy skills with our specialized Ashiatsu barefoot massage training.


Our program, meticulously designed to go beyond the basics, empowers only the most experienced therapists to master the art of barefoot bodywork.


Reinvent your body mechanics and learn to work smarter, not harder, ensuring a longer, more effective career in massage therapy.


Unlike standard ashiatsu barefoot massage programs, we don’t just teach a generic sequence of strokes. Our training guides you to use your feet as intuitively as your hands, fostering a unique, creative approach to barefoot massage that inspires and intrigues you.

Our live Ashiatsu training emphasizes adaptability and creativity, helping you find longevity in this fulfilling career without compromising your well-being.


Explore our enriching CE courses to improve your skills and diversify your practice with myofascial barefoot bodywork.


Join us on a transformative journey and see why the Center for Barefoot Massage is shaping the future of this specialized field.


Stay connected through our blog and social channels to stay updated on the latest advancements and be part of a thriving community, where your dedication to excellence in massage therapy is valued and celebrated.

What Clients Say

"Julie is an excellent teacher. I took Fundamentals,intermediate and advance with Julie last year. I learned in grew so much as a barefoot massage therapist. Her Knowledge of an anatomy is amazing. She is a patient supportive And fun, teacher. I highly recommend taking a class from Julie"


Julie Marcniak

Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage Instructor Julie Marcniak

Certified Advanced Rolfer™ LMBT #2153

I have to pinch myself sometimes when I think about how long I have been practicing bodywork.


32 years and counting! It has been quite the journey.


They say the average career span of a massage therapist can be 5-7 years. How have I lasted this long??


By going barefoot!!


After ten years of practicing deep tissue massage, I sought alternative modalities because my arms, hands, and back constantly bothered me.

I began my barefoot journey in 2002 and never looked back!


Three years later, barefoot massage inspired me to return to school at the Dr. Ida Rolf Institute in Boulder, CO, to receive my Rolfing certification.

I love structural work; using and adapting my feet to work with the fascia is incredible! In 2018, I completed my  Advanced Rolfing™️ certification.


Learning barefoot bodywork has changed my life and extended my career beyond my wildest expectations!


Read more about my experience in 'Massage, Rolfing, and Life Experiences' blog.


I've been an Ashiatsu barefoot massage instructor for 17 years and love teaching other therapists the possibilities of barefoot massage.


It's not easy, nor glamorous, and quite time-consuming.


But it's extremely rewarding to help massage therapists find hope after they thought their career was over.


Or to help breathe new life in a boring Swedish slumber massage practice for those fresh out of massage school.


I own and operate Bull City Soles Massage and Bodywork studio, where our therapists provide barefoot massage EVERY DAY.


We have the experience to mentor you on your journey to transform your practice into a full-time barefoot massage and bodywork practice. 


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