We use Earthlite portable tables in our Ashiatsu workshops and with our ashiatsu portable bars.  Our massage and bodywork studio, Bull City Soles, is also equipped with state of the art Earthlite electric tables, headrests, heated pads and rolling stools.


We are happy to provide you with quotes for any massage equipment needs you have and give 10% off purchases to our Ashiatsu students. We highly recommend the 35" width Ellora electric table for barefoot massage. It gives the therapist plenty of room to walk around the table without disturbing the client and gives larger clients more space to comfortably relax on the table. This option is only available through our Instructors.


Please email any questions you may have to julie@barefootmassage.com. If you fill out the form below , we will do our best to get you a quote within 48 hours.

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