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3 DAYS, 24 CES, $750

Fundamentals barefoot massage is where it all begins! This is our introductory barefoot massage class where we use predominately one-footed strokes so that we can vary the pressure and weight of strokes depending on the clients' needs. Even if you have previous barefoot massage training this is still a great place to start learning Fasciashi and how the Center for Barefoot Massage is different.

Barefoot massage techniques are applied to posterior aspects of the client’s body, and your weight and natural gravitational forces are utilized to effortlessly maintain consistent pressure. Comprehensive “feet-on” practice will allow you to explore the strokes on different clients in class, and you will awaken your feet’s therapeutic potential. You will also experience TWO days of the work from other therapists learning the technique. It's an amazing learning experience!


The strokes designed are based on years of barefoot massage experience with the authors’ personal clientele base and of other therapists.

Class time is usually 9 am-6 pm every day with a 1-hour lunch at 12 pm.


Prerequisite: Licensed/Registered/Certified Massage Therapist

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