Barefoot Massage Training


Our barefoot massage trainings build on each other with skill, depth, and theory. We recommend you allow 3 months between each level of ashiatsu massage training when possible, and use that time to practice, work on any applicable certifications, and really get to know the work before moving on.

The deeper you get into your FasciAshi training, the more you can niche down into your specialty. We'll be releasing new Track classes each year, building the rosters within our Relaxation, Sports and Clinical areas of study. Every Massage Therapist is different based on their training and experiences - and it should be the same for every Barefoot Massage Therapist! Follow the arrows to see what your next step is.

Want to get ashiatsu certified? Fundamentals, Advanced and Range of Motion(ROM) are the certifications required to get into the specific tracks. NC Ashiatsu will be focused on teaching the Clinical tracks but we will occasionally host other tracks for visiting instructors.  

Fasciashi Barefoot Massage Training


Durham Campus
FasciAshi Classes & Schedule​
FasciAshi training


You will learn how to use your feet to provide a full-body deep tissue, myofascial release and trigger point focused barefoot massage session using overhead support while the client lies comfortably on a ... Read More

3 DAYS, 24 CE'S, $670

Intermediate barefoot massage class


This supine/side body class empowers the experienced barefoot massage therapist to maintain long trigger point holds and deliver deep, gliding strokes to the anterior and lateral aspects of your client's ... Read More

2 DAYS, 16 CE'S, $447

NC Barefoot Massage Training


Using Passive, Active, Resisted Range of Motion techniques & Traditional Thai massage, this Ashiatsu barefoot massage technique allows the Massage Therapist to stand on a massage table and maneuver clients ... Read More 

2 DAYS, 16 CE'S, $447

FasciAshi Advanced Class


This advanced level class empowers the experienced ashiatsu barefoot massage therapist to work with more complex single and double footed strokes, potentially applying their full bodyweight as ... Read More

2 DAYS, 16 CE'S, $447

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Clinical Tracks


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NC ashiatsu massage training classes



Revitalize is a "refresher" course where you can participate in any class on the schedule equivalent to or on a similar level of one you have taken elsewhere. During normal classroom pace, you'll be ... Read More


2022 Barefoot Training Schedule



What our students are saying:

I have had the opportunity to experience training in Ashiatsu classes as a student, along with massage as a client from Julie. She is a wonderful instructor and I learn more each time I attend a class or have a session with her. If you are a massage therapist and interested in expanding your techniques or modalities, I encourage you to attend one (or more) of her classes. If you are seeking a massage therapist for your own personal experience, look no further. Julie not only addresses any issues you may be having but you are guaranteed to truly escape and find that deep, yet invigorating state of relaxation.

 -Penny Wariner



When I first signed up for Barefoot Basics, I thought it was going to be like any other CE course I've taken. Boring, boring, and boring. But it wasn't. Julie managed to engage all of my senses during the course of the program. Which not only allowed me to learn but also retain the information shared. Her personality is A+ as well as her hospitality. I really loved the fresh hot tea to soothe the lesson over. But to top things of, she has a genuine care for students. While she could probably be in her office during breaks and lunch with her feet kicked up or handling some business stuff, she made herself available to each and every one of us. She keeps is real yet professional. And make sure that you're secure with what you've just learned before leaving for home. And even after you leave, she extends herself to help guide you towards being the best Ashi-practitioner you can be. I highly recommend that if you're in the area and looking for a fun and exciting CE course, stop by the Durham campus to see what new tools you can add to your massage toolbox.

-Sarah McDonald



Just took my 4th barefoot massage class with Julie! She is a wealth of knowledge and a wonderful instructor! Always willing to help/answer questions after the class ends too, which has very helpful for me.

-Lauren Gardner



I recently completed the level two Ashiatsu course with gifted instructor and therapist, Julie Marciniak. Bringing Ashiatsu into my massage therapy practice has been tremendously valuable for myself and my clients. Such a powerful way to give a wonderful deep tissue massage. I'm thrilled to have learned level two. My clients are loving it and this kind of work has truly revolutionized my practice. Only the highest praise for Julie Marciniak's insightful and always professional instruction.

-Kirsten Tiedemann

Yet another great class with Julie and her amazing foot work! I just couldn't wait to come home and implement my new techniques from our intermediate class this past week. My clients are very happy with what I've learned and so are my feet! Thanks again Julie, I'll be back soon to continue my Ashi journey.

-Natasha Thoesen

This is my first class with Julie for barefoot massage training and what a great experience! I would highly recommend this instructor for your next certification. They are the BEST! A much-added value to my practice and my body. Thank you so much!

-Kristine Christoff

I'm taking the Advanced FasciAshi and I must say it is an incredible, revolutionary and a pioneering class from Julie Marciniak!!!! WOW!!!!! It is unparalleled with any other technique that I've used for 2 decades. Absolutely thrilling!! Potential unleashed.... 

-Sarah Clark

Wonderful CEU class taught by Julie who is patient, relaxed and great at getting you prepared to put your moves to use in your own practice as soon as class is complete!

-Casey Winslow