Workshop Clients


Want to be a client in our barefoot massage classes?

We have barefoot massage classes every 6 weeks where we teach Massage Therapists barefoot massage. Your job is to be the bodies that we practice on and give therapists constructive feedback! Sessions are $20.


This 1½ - hour to 2 - hour long massage is not a customized session like we offer from our Bull City Soles team. Expect a fun, kinda rowdy classroom environment as the students practice sequences and protocols on you. Listen to and feel strokes from the instructor, while they guide the students through the work during each class. It will help you give feedback and ultimately get a better massage!


Certain classes(like our Advanced Class) are for men only but in some of the classes, we may take females. If you or someone you know is interested in being a Workshop Client please contact us at We have a few requirements and questions. It is required that you be an EXISTING client of Bull City Soles. Once a client of Bull City Soles, your current therapist will recommend whether you are an appropriate candidate for our classes.  We will then add you to our email list, and you will be notified via email with links for you to reserve your spot in the current class being held.

Barefoot Massage School clinics

Are you a current Workshop Client?  Email us to find out how you can be one!