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Frequently Asked Questions

What To Bring To Class

You will receive the linen list appropriate for each Ashiatsu massage training once you register with your deposit but here's a general idea of what you need for EACH DAY of class:


  • soft pedicured feet

  • your favorite massage cream/lotion(preferred over oil)

  • 1 top & bottom sheet

  • 1 face cradle cover

  • 1 washcloth or kitchen-sized towel

  • 2 king pillowcase covers

  • clean slippers(cool weather) or flip-flops(warm weather)


We supply all stools, pillows, face cradles, and tables with an 800-pound working weight capacity.


Linens may be provided for a $20/day fee if you choose not to bring your own.  


The studio is equipped with a fridge and a microwave for you to bring snacks or lunch and there's free ample parking.

Other Relevant Class Info

There are several things we need to know in order to create the best environment for you to learn.



  • Bring the dimensions(ceiling height, width, length) of your massage studio, mainly where your ashiatsu bars will be installed

  • PARKING - Please DO NOT park directly in front of the office(leave these for Bull City Soles Massage & Bodywork clients) but in the parking spaces closest to the road

  • Punctuality is a must! Certain guidelines must be adhered to in accordance with the NCBTMB, and with the various states. You will only receive full credit hours on your transcript if you are on time each day


  • What is Ashiatsu barefoot massage?
    Some people call it Ashiatsu, or Barefoot massage or a combination of both. But Ashiatsu is just one form of barefoot massage where the massage therapist uses their feet to massage. If you are a MASSAGE THERAPIST, read our blog What is Ashiatsu Massage. If you are a MASSAGE CLIENT read, What is Ashiatsu Massage from Bull City Soles massage and bodywork studio. Both of these blogs give you an idea of what Ashiatsu is from a different point of view.
  • Is there a weight limit for your ashiatsu massage training?
    There is no weight limit for our Beginner, Intermediate and ROM level barefoot massage training. If you progress to the Advance level, then there is a strength and weight restriction. When you start using two feet for barefoot massage you have to take into account the clients weight, body build/structure before you start using your entire body weight on them. We recommend you only use two feet on clients that weigh 50-100 pounds more than you; thick, larger framed clients with dense muscles. Failing to do this and work on inappropriate body types leads to potential injuries for YOU and YOUR CLIENT.
  • Will I be able to actually feel knots and muscle tension with my feet?
    Yes! It's not something that happens overnight and it depends on the sensitivity of your feet. If you are used to going barefoot often and wear minimalist shoes then you are going to have an advantage over someone that rarely engages their bare feet. They need to be strong and flexible and the sensitivity will come! A seasoned barefoot massage therapist can feel trigger points, muscle tension and palpate with their feet just as much as with their hands. Read our blog 'The Things Your Feet Can Do'.
  • What's  your cancellation policy for class?
    Once you register for class and pay your minimum 50% retainer or pay in full, we hold a spot for you in class. If you need to cancel and move to another class date, you must do prior to 15 day befor the start of class and there will be a $75 rollover fee. Your retainer will be applied to another class with the same instructor. There are allowances for unusual circumstances, with proper documentation of injury, pregnancy, death in the immediate family or extreme weather(airports and highways closed) will be allowed to rollover retainer into another class. There are no refunds for courses attended, even if you fail to complete any portion of class for any reason. Go here for a more details about our cancellation policy.
  • Can I learn ashiatsu while pregnant?
    Due to liability and safety issues, we do not allow any therapist to receive prone or supine work while expecting a baby. Receiving is a part of the class learning experience, so please wait until after the baby is born and you are fully healed to register for our classes at NC Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage Training. If you have previous ashiatsu training, read our blog Barefoot and Pregnant for tips on doing barefoot massage while pregnant.
  • How difficult is it to put up ashiatsu bars to practice barefoot massage?
    It depends on your setup. We will cover ashiatsu bar construction in class and go over most setups, even homemade ashiatsu bars. Our instructors have come across many scenarios over the years and we have tons of knowledge and resources to help you figure out how to get your barefoot massage bars up quickly and safely. You will also have access to barefoot bar construction info on our Tribe Membership site with the Center for Barefoot Massage. Even when your ashiatsu training is over we are here to help and want you to succeed!
  • Can I learn ashiatsu barefoot massage?
    Learning barefoot massage isn't for everyone! But if you are a licensed massage therapist, here are some questions you can answer to see if Ashiatsu barefoot massage might be a good fit for you. *If you have balance issues and are uncomfortable getting up on to and standing on a massage table then you should consider the floor based Fijian barefoot class. Fijian is not on our regular schedule but we have visiting instructors that will come in to teach a class if there is enough interest. Let us know if you would be interested in learning Fijian or keep an eye on our schedule for updates. You can also travel to another instructor to learn. The schedule in in the Fijian barefoot class link right above. *If you have a practice that is predominantly consists of clients that like a lighter pressure then learning barefoot massage may not be in your best interest. *Physical fitness can be a factor when learning barefoot massage. While it is easier on your body to use barefoot massage for deep tissue, myofascial massage or sports massage it can be difficult for someone to learn if they have tight hips, inflexible feet or knee issues. It just depends. Contact your instructor Julie Marciniak if you have any concerns before registering for our massage training. *If you are currently pregnant, trying to get pregnant, recently had breast/gluteal/calf implants and/or some select surgeries within the last 9 months, we can not allow you to take our barefoot massage training until you have had your baby and/or your body has completely healed. Part of the training consists of students working on each other and its a vital learning part of the class that shouldn't be overlooked. Safety AND quality workshops are important to us so it's not our intention to discriminate or discourage anyone from taking our ashiatsu massage training but we have to have standards to protect the public and honor the profession. If you have a specific issue and have concerns then please email me- so that we can discuss if barefoot massage training through the Center for Barefoot Massage would be appropriate for you.
  • I have a clinical-based massage therapy practice. Will I be able to use Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage in my practice?
    Absolutely! Barefoot Massage is just learning how to add a new tool to your toolbelt. You can learn how to do trigger point, myofascial work and deep tissue with your feet and eventually figure out what tool, your hands or your feet, is appropriate for the goals of you sessions. Julie Marciniak, your instructor is an Advanced Rolfer® and has been Rolfing with her feet since 2008! Read more about her barefoot bodywork journey. NC Ashiatsu will also being offering the Clinical Tracks for barefoot massage therapists that want to specialize in treating pain. Our sister studio, Bull City Soles, is a barefoot massage and bodywork study that specializes in treating chronic pain.
  • What are the benefits of learning ashiatsu massage?
    There are many benefits to taking our barefoot massage training but the most common one is that it SAVES YOUR BODY! Massage can be hard on your body, especially if your clients continually ask for deeper pressure. What if you work on a lot of athletes? Click here to learn more about The top 5 benefits of ashiatsu massage training.

Cancellation Policy

Before you sign up for our class, please read, the "Before you sign up for our Barefoot Massage Training" blog post.


By signing up for one of our Ashiatsu massage classes, your retainer serves as a commitment to training and the Cancellation Policy.


There are no refunds for courses attended.


A non-refundable retainer of 50% is required to hold your space in the class.


Your retainer will not be refunded if you cancel out of your selected workshop dates. Only in the event of proper documentation of injury, pregnancy, death in the immediate family, or extreme weather prohibiting travel (airports and highways closed) will your deposit be allowed to be rolled over to a workshop at a later date.


This particular consideration will be authorized at the discretion of the Ashiatsu barefoot massage instructor.


If you have other circumstances besides those listed above, you may roll your tuition over to the next FasciAshi barefoot course offered at a later date by Julie Marciniak by giving at least 15 days’ notice and paying a $75 fee per class that you wish to roll over.


Any notice less than 15 days is not eligible for rollover – unless the situation can be documented as mentioned above (injury, death in the immediate family, or extreme weather).


Bull City Soles/Julie Marciniak will refund all money for canceled seminars due to our responsibility – i.e., if the class minimum enrollment requirements are not met.


We reserve the right to cancel class 2 weeks before the event from a lack of interest or if class minimums are not met( 4 students. min). 


If an instructor chooses to cancel class due to low enrollment, you will be notified by phone two weeks before the scheduled dates.


In the rare event this happens, we can refund all money paid towards classes or roll over into the next scheduled class.

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