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Other Bodywork Classes

Shoshin Shiatsu: Thai-Shiatsu Fusion

Cost: $400

Duration: 2 days

Date: September 24 - 25

Times: 10am - 5pm

Prerequisite: None

Shoshin Shiatsu, or ”Beginner's Mind” shiatsu, is a traditional combination of classical shiatsu and Thai massage using tsubo stimulation and meridian stretching.

In this hands-on class, experience: breath meditation, hara engagement, tsubo point combinations, and paired meridian stretches.


Removing the self(ego), yet maintaining strength of character and flexibility during a session, opens the breath and creates opportunity for the realization of fluidity and consciousness.

Instructor: Randy Cummins


Randall Cummins, AOBTA CI, LMT is a certified AOBTA shiatsu instructor and massage therapist with three decades of experience.


Shoshin Durham NC
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