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Barefoot Shiatsu: Lowering the Bar

2 DAYS, 14 CEs, $400

Barefoot Shiatsu is mat work, integrating the use of elbows, feet, and knees for the purpose of applying sustained pressure to affect the fascia. It follows the general pathways of the classical meridians, focusing on typical stagnant and muscularly tight areas. Techniques will be demonstrated in supine, prone and side-lying positions, emphasizing the fluidity of transition and the seamless rhythmic application of techniques.

Students will enjoy the freedom of using the whole body, learn deep and relaxing techniques to benefit a wide range of clients, and learn strategies that take the burden off their thumbs and wrists.

One of the advantages of this modality is its effectiveness, mobility, and ease of offering at sporting events, festivals, etc. All that is needed is a mat, a few yoga blocks, and a support staff.

Students receive manual and video links to all in-class demos.

Randy Cummins, LMT, MTI, AOBTA Instructor, NCBTMB Provider


During his 35-year career, Randy has served proudly on the teaching Faculty of The Chicago School of Massage Therapy, the New School for Massage in Chicago, and The Lauterstein-Conway Massage School in Austin, TX. He currently teaches at Zen Shiatsu Chicago and hosts CE classes in person and online. 


Randy maintains a private practice in Chicago, IL, and Austin, TX. For further information, please visit me at:

October 6-7, 2023
Friday-Saturday 10 AM - 5 PM


3101 Guess Rd, Suite B, Durham, NC, 27705



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