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Barefoot Massage Mentoring

Learning comes in layers!

We hear, see, and learn something and think we understand it, but then, months or years later, we come across the same information and understand it differently or on a deeper level. 


I have been a massage and bodywork therapist for 32 years, 22 of those barefoot.


I love teaching barefoot massage, but over the past few years, I have learned that I am also passionate about helping therapists with their body mechanics, building successful ashiatsu massage practices, figuring out chronic pain issues, and sharing the knowledge I have acquired. Much of which is too much to share in a 2-3 day class. 

We have options for students who want to deepen their knowledge, theory, and technique in ashiatsu barefoot massage.


Whether you are a barefoot novice or a seasoned practitioner, our barefoot massage mentoring options can help you refine and enhance your barefoot massage skills so you have the knowledge and confidence you need to establish a thriving barefoot massage practice.


3101 Guess Rd, Suite B, Durham, NC, 27705



Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage Mentoring in North Carolina

1. Revitalize

Revitalize is a "refresher" course where you can participate in any ashiatsu class on the schedule you have ALREADY taken from the Center for Barefoot Massage.


During average classroom pace, you'll be paired with another therapist and follow along with other students, observing and participating in every stroke while it’s being taught.


The Instructor will give individual attention if time allows. This is meant for therapists who need to review their body mechanics and gain a deeper understanding of the work. 


You  DO NOT have to take a Revitalize "refresher" with your original instructor.


We actually recommend taking classes from different instructors to experience all the different styles and training of our Center for Barefoot Instructors.

Therapists can take day one ($125), day two ($125), or BOTH days for $200.



Class time is usually 9 am- 6 pm daily, with a 1-hour lunch break at 12 pm.

2. Private or Semi-Private Sessions

  • Private sessions are $150/hour.

One-on-one instruction on previously learned barefoot massage training body mechanics, practice building business advice, website consult specific to marketing barefoot massage, "how to" advice, and massage theory using trigger point therapy.​

  • Semi-private sessions are $150/hour, but cost and time can be shared between two therapists.

This is a great option for co-workers or therapists traveling out of town together. ​

3. Phone / Zoom / Facetime

30-minute increments for $75, depending on the issue or topic and its complexity.


A client for you to work on may be required. We can discuss "how to" deal with a specific type of client or work with certain tissue issues and how to address them.


Whether it's with barefoot OR hands-on massage, my training as an Advanced Rolfer® can also help you with career-saving body mechanics.

No CE or new copies of workbooks/manuals are provided in Revitalize or mentoring sessions. Please contact us to register.

4. Short-term room rentals

Want to begin your barefoot practice right after class but don't have bars up yet?


We offer short-term room rentals by the hour, half day, or a day at Bull City Soles Massage & Bodywork Studio.


You will also have access to clients who are looking for student barefoot massage and willing to give tons of "feetback". ;)


You will need state and city licenses to be able to practice your business in our space and proof of liability insurance. 

5. Join the team at Bull City Soles

Join our team at Bull City Soles and embark on a transformative journey to specialize in barefoot massage, meeting the growing demand for deep pressure techniques.


Experience paid training under the mentorship of a renowned therapist, gaining insights from over 31 years of expertise.


Stand out in the industry, cater to discerning clients, and elevate your career.


Seize the opportunity to be mentored, trained, and valued – Join our team where learning never stops!

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