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How Long Should my Ashiatsu Massage Training Be?

Massage continuing education is a requirement for many licensed massage therapists in individual states, usually with a combination of online and in-person class learning. Are you a Continuing Education(CE) junkie, or do you only consider taking a class before your license renewal date rolls around? We get many students thinking outside the box and looking for alternatives to ease the strain on their hands and extend their massage career.

So, how long are our barefoot massage training classes?

Our beginner ashiatsu training, Fundamentals, is three days, 24 CEs, and $670. As massage therapists, we understand the time, commitment, and expense of training can be challenging, but some skills cannot be learned online and in a short time. Some companies offer ashiatsu online, but barefoot training courses are best and safest when learned IN PERSON. We believe that in-person training trumps online barefoot massage classes, feet down. There are safety concerns for the public, but understanding the proper body mechanics the first time will assure longevity in your massage career.

There's quite a bit of material to cover in our Fundamentals class. First of all, you are learning to work with a new set of tools, your FEET versus your HANDS. You go from standing on the ground using your hands to massage to standing on the table and using your feet—a different experience that takes time. We also cover the theory of myofascial barefoot massage, proper foot care, contraindications for barefoot massage, biomechanics, ashiatsu bar installation, and how to market and incorporate ashiatsu massage into your existing massage practice.

During Fundamentals, massage students give 8.5 hours of massage during class and receive 4 hours of massage from other students. They spend about 2 hours observing the instructor and other LMTs demonstrate the strokes. You get to SEE, FEEL, and HEAR it for three days, so you're immersed in all things barefoot. We also have workshop clients come on the last day for clinical, so you get to practice on experienced clients who have received this type of work and give constructive "feedback." ;) Is there really any question about why we recommend in-person barefoot massage training versus online?

The remaining classes are one to two days in length. Our Range of Motion(ROM), Intermediate, and Advanced are two-day classes. These classes are for experienced barefoot massage therapists who don't need to be introduced to barefoot massage, so we only focus on theory, new strokes, and application. Our specialty track classes that follow these courses are one-day barefoot training. Currently, the Center for Barefoot Massage only has the Relax track available, but Clinical and Sports are in the works for future release.

How Long Should my Ashiatsu Massage Training Be? Tips featured by NC Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage

NC Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage Training is the Durham campus of the Center for Barefoot Massage, and we specialize in advanced myofascial ashiatsu barefoot training. The instructor, Julie Marciniak, is an Advanced Rolfer® with 31 years of bodywork experience and 16 years teaching barefoot massage. If you're looking for longevity in your massage and bodywork career, we can help! Follow us on Facebook or Instagram.


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