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Learn How to Stretch Your Massage Clients

Notice that stretch labs are all the rage now? Not that WE as massage therapists didn't know it was beneficial, but now that clients are more exposed to the benefits via social media with all the stretch labs popping up across the nation, why not take advantage of the new awareness?

We all know that most of our clients don't stretch enough. They tell us! We also know that awareness is a big part of what we do as massage therapists. Helping clients increase their awareness of their bodies with bodywork and stretching is invaluable in truly helping them. It empowers THEM with the knowledge and tools to help themselves. That is what ultimately creates a successful massage and bodywork practice.

If you're a barefoot therapist that has proof of attendance in a LIVE, in-person barefoot massage training that was at least 16 NCBTMB CE’s, you may be eligible to enroll in our ROM(Range of Motion), stretch therapy barefoot massage training with the Center for Barefoot Massage.

At NC Ashiatsu Barefoot Training, Durham campus we'll teach you Passive, Active, and Resisted ROM stretch therapy techniques using secure draping options while blending ROM into slow gliding, non-lubricated barefoot massage compression along the client’s skin. So you can include stretches within a regular massage or provide fully-clothed stretch sessions! A full-body ashiatsu barefoot massage sequence will be taught.

ROM is a great workaround for clients who cannot tolerate deep pressure, clients that aren't comfortable undressing to receive a regular massage, or clients that want stretching like Thai or mat work but are unable to get up/down from the floor. And as for you as the massage therapist, how many clients' limbs can you pick up and stretch while you're standing on the floor?!? I have clients that are 2 to 3 times my bodyweight. Being 4'9" and weighing 109 lbs, there's no way could I do any kind of effective stretching on them standing on the floor without injuring myself!

I'll teach you how to effectively use gravity and levers of your body to safely compress, pin, and stretch your client's body without injury!


If you’re interested in a long term career as a bodyworker, check out our Barefoot Massage training classes at the Durham campus NC Ashiatsu. We provide Fundamentals, Intermediate, Advanced, Range Of Motion, and soon to be released the one-day Clinical Tracks that will require Advanced Certification. Instructor, Julie Marciniak has 28 years as a bodyworker. She's a Certified Advanced Rolfer® and barefoot massage has been key to her career longevity. Follow us on Instagram @NCashiatsu or Facebook for helpful tips, class info, and other awesome stuff!


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