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Ready for some advanced moves in your Barefoot Massage?

So, you've been practicing your barefoot massage for a while now. Do you think you're ready to learn more? Do you have a practice with large, dense clients that demand lots of pressure?

Here are a few scenarios where Advanced Barefoot Training could be beneficial. You have a practice with large, dense clients that have fascial restrictions that you just can't make headway. If you are a small and petite therapist, do you find yourself PUSHING through your strokes to get the pressure and depth you need to find that available layer? To meet the client where they are as far as pressure? Maybe it's time for you to step it up with Advanced Ashiatsu techniques!

Advanced-level barefoot training is more than just introducing the use of two feet into your sessions. It's learning:

  • When and where to safely apply double-footed strokes on the appropriate clients

  • How to have the confidence to treat larger clients over 200 pounds effectively

  • How to use your full weight if needed to work in the posterior, anterior, and side-lying position to treat hip and lower back pain

  • How to be more discerning with your soles and get more specific addressing trigger points, fascial layers, and restrictions

  • How to treat more advanced and complicated spinal conditions like bulging discs and pinched nerves​

  • When the use of one or two-footed complex strokes is more appropriate for different types of bodies

Recently, I had the opportunity to train a past student who had previously received 3 levels of training, including an advanced class from me under the umbrella of another company I had been teaching for 9 years. It was great to see how she progressed and eagerly embraced even MORE new strokes and concepts of Advanced FasciAshi under the Center for Barefoot Massage.

Never think that you know it all! With 31+ years of bodywork experience, I'm always learning something new about the body. Stay curious and stay engaged! Read our blog, 4 Tips for Improving your Barefoot Massage Technique.

If you have previously taken barefoot massage training, we require our Intermediate Supine / Side body barefoot massage training or an equivalent with proof of CEs, and we may also request a video audition as proof of eligibility to register for our advanced barefoot training.


NC Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage Training is the Durham Campus for the Center for Barefoot Massage. Email or call the office at 919-477-9887, and we'll be happy to discuss the next step in your barefoot massage training. As an instructor for the Center for Barefoot Massage, I plan out a yearly calendar of scheduled Ashiatsu classes. It's spaced and arranged for the appropriate time between levels for students to take what they've learned back to their massage clients, practice(and practice some MORE), gain experience and mastery over the basics, and return for more advanced learning. It makes such a huge difference! Your clients will love the more advanced and detailed work. Check out our next Advance class. Sign up now to get TWO FEET DEEP into those clients' tissue issues!


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